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Language school Metropol, s.r.o authorized to prepare students for the state exam and conduct the state examination in foreign languages with the right to issue a certificate of school completion in the established form.

You can get tested and get certificates for levels: B2 (basic) and C1 (general)

Prepare for State exams in the Czech language at all levels

B2 (CEFR) State Examination Procedure

The procedure for the State Examination of the Czech Language (SJZ) is established by The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT). SJZ conditions are the same and apply throughout the Czech Republic.

The exam is intended for all foreigners over the age of 16 who want or need to confirm their level of proficiency in the Czech language.


Registration for the spring session takes place in March-April 2023. Confirmation of payment after registration is to be no later than 04/28/2023. You can register in person at the language school or online.


The basic cost of the exam is 4000 Kč. If the candidate fails to cope with the written part, the refund for the oral part is 500 Kč.

Conducting the exam

The date of the written part of SJZ Czech is 12.05.2023. The oral part is carried out not earlier than 14 days after the written part. On the day of the exam, you must provide an identity document and proof of payment.

Register for the state exam

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Contents of the B2 Basic Exam in Czech

Государственные экзамены по чешскому языку

To receive a state certificate of the appropriate level, the student must score at least 60% of the correct answers in each of the five test parts. The certificate will show both the overall success rate of the exam and the success percentage of individual parts of the test.

The content of the basic SJZ is focused on topics the Czech Republic’s everyday life.

In the exam, the candidate must show the ability to understand oral and written speech, to express himself orally and in writing on given topics within the language resources defined by the framework and the school curriculum for the basic course of the language school. Knowledge of 2000 to 2500 lexical units is required.

In the written part of the exam, a candidate is tested for:

  1. the level of comprehension of the reading text of about 700-1000 words;
  2. the ability to compose a message of about 300 words;
  3. the level of comprehension of an audio text of 35-40 minutes duration;
  4. the ability to use selected grammatical and lexical constructions.

The duration of the written part of the exam is 4 hours.

When checking skills 1 and 2, a candidate may use a paper dictionary.

The oral part of the exam follows no earlier than 14 days after the successfully passed written part; it lasts 15-20 minutes and checks:

  1. the ability of responding promptly to normal situations of everyday life;
  2. the ability of speaking fluently on given topics.

A candidate who fails the oral SJZ may be allowed to retake the oral part of the exam if the written part was rated “excellent” or “very good”. Retaking the oral part of the exam is possible on the next date of the basic SJZ if the applicant makes a request for it in writing. The fee for that is 500 Kč.

Certificates A1, A2, B1

The Czech language exams are held according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) system and include basic levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1.

These exams are included in the list of standardized exams recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (Ministerstvo školství). Successful completion of the written test and oral interview entitles the candidate to receive a Certificate confirming basic knowledge of the language.

Exam date
Duration of the written part

The exam for levels A1-B1 will take place in the case of at least 2 applicants. The exam can be taken individually, subject to payment of double the cost of the exam.

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