One-Year Intensive Courses

Czech, English, German

Preparation for admission to Universities in the Czech Republic

The school is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic and licensed to administer the state exams (from A1 up to C2 on the CEFR)

Taking exams in Czech or English at B2 level (sometimes at B1) is an obligatory condition to enter the public and private higher education institutions.

Studying with us allows you to extend your visa or residence permit in the Czech Republic absolutely legally for at least one academic year.

Preparatory Courses in Prague

The preparatory course for admission to public and private universities in the Czech Republic. Passing the state exam in Czech at level B2 at the end of the course.


А0-В1/В2, А2-С1

Study format:

Full-time, in groups, up to 12 people
September 4, 2023 – August 31, 2024
from 49000 Kč


The Czech language course for admission to creative specialties. Together with DRAW PLANET, the largest drawing and design studio in the Czech Republic.
from 70000 Kč
Prepare for admission to universities in the Czech Republic staying home.
from 49000 Kč
A year-long or a semester-long course. The course is for those who would like to study in the Czech Republic in English. The course allows you to learn the language from zero up to B2 (or even C1). It also provides a great opportunity if you just need good English for your own purposes in a short time.
from 38400 Kč
Do you want to study or work in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Do you need to extend your legal stay in the Czech Republic and do you not mind learning another foreign language? A year-long course at Metropol is what you need. From A0 to B2 level in just one year.
from 38400 Kč

Studying at Metropol: what can you gain?


Long-term visa D/VC/99. Legal stay in the Czech Republic for the period of study. Job permit up to 20 hours a week. Job permit up to 20 hours a week.

Accreditation and license provided by the Ministry of Education (the quality guaranteed by Czech government). The state exams administered by the school from A1 up to C2 CEFR.

A convenient payment system for the course. The cost of the state exam in the Czech language is already included in the price of the annual course!

Nostrification: assistance in the procedure of recognizing a school certificate, college or university diploma.

Support programme for students from the agreement conclusion to the university enrollment.

The opportunity to get an ISIC student card - a pass to the world of discounts and bonuses.

Groups up to 12 people. Experienced teachers, native speakers.

Online platform with educational materials. Access 24/7.

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